UnityNow is a Spiritual Learning Center on the Internet – a safe space for Spiritual seekers who wish to explore ways to expand their own Spiritual understanding and connection. We are an alternative ministry of Unity Worldwide Ministries, located at Unity Village, MO, Unity teachings are Bible-based, illuminating a path to “Practical Christianity” – the practice of the teachings of Jesus in every life, every day.



We selected the beautiful Sunflower as the symbol for UnityNow – our Spiritual Learning Center on the Internet – because God has designed this happy flower to instinctively turn its head toward the light, and at UnityNow, we offer inspiration for all human beings to do the same. The light is a more-than-magical-cure for anger, disappointment, sadness, guilt, blame, shame, even illness – for any darkness that overcomes us. When we turn to the light, shadows disappear, and hope arises, even in the most unhappy situations. What brings the light? Ultimately Spirit provides the light, but as we seek to make our connection with the Eternal Life Force, we can always use our Spiritual tools to lead us to the light – Tools like GRATITUDE, KINDNESS, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS, TRUST, IMAGINATION, GIVING-AND-RECEIVING, INTENTION, PRAYER and AFFIRMATION. Darkness cannot ever overcome or destroy the light. The light will always prevail



Unity’s co-founder, Charles Fillmore, understood the teachings of Jesus to be totally practical and advised his students to practice the teachings of Jesus in every life every day. Through this ministry, we will offer examples of people throughout the world, who are not just reading the text, but doing the work as Jesus instructed: “Turn the other cheek when someone offends you. Go the extra mile by doing more than is expected of you. Love your neighbor as yourself by learning to love yourself first so that you can also truly love your neighbor with an open heart. Once you begin to practice these iconic teachings – especially the one that suggests that we always treat all other people the way we want to be treated, the whole world will shift into a kind and caring environment. And that shift begins today, right here, right now as each of us begins to practice PRACTICAL CHRISTIANITY.



Through the power of the Internet, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year we offer inspirational products to assist you in your own Spiritual growth in the form of books and online classes, one-on-one Spiritual Counseling, Emotional Support Counseling and Energy Management Counseling and an interactive Facebook page filled with an inspiring message. All UnityNow services are available on a Love Offering Basis. We will also pray with you at no cost and offer you tools to help you move beyond your current point of discomfort. You may reach us by e-mail at [email protected] please leave your name and phone # and a brief description about how we may help you.

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TREES REALLY MATTER – Because of our impact on the consciousness of Unity Truth Students through the mighty power of the internet, UnityNow has elected to create a new awareness of the power and importance of trees to the world’s environment – and therefore to our very lives – as our “outreach” ministry. Trees provide us with the power to support God’s most precious gift, the gift of life. By heightening our awareness of the sacred security, trees offer us – individually and collectively – and by providing ways to sustain the growth and health of trees around the world, we are expressing our appreciation for these magnificent divine structures we so often take for granted.



UnityNow offers a wide variety of services, including books written by our Ministers, John and Lauren McLaughlin, on-line classes, MP3 recordings of Awakening Affirmations and Guided Meditations, and Spiritual Coaching, Emotional Support Coaching, and Energy Management Coaching including EFT and Psych-K. To view these helpful products and services.


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